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Title: 5-day Detox

5-day Detox

Using a homemade detox tonic, fluids, a real food detox supplement and clean eating for 1 to 2 meals per day— this 5-day detox highlights celtic salt, raw honey and seasonal foods to unleash your body’s natural push toward health. Ideal for those who want a challenging yet doable short-term detox experience.

Detoxification made simple 

Your body naturally tends toward health when given a chance. So if you substantially decrease the burden you place upon your body through better nourishment, sleep and movement—guess what? You are detoxing! Now, if you also increase systematic support for your body’s natural detoxification pathways at the same time—you’re really detoxing!

We believe it's best to learn to live every day in a way that gets you the results you want. And, then, as a matter of health discipline, push the full reset button three or four times a year through a seasonal boost.

Choose your Detox

Like the Detox and done from anywhere in the world, we also offer Dr. Mark's 10-Day Food Retraining Camp. Detoxification doesn't have to be an Olympian event, so don’t necessarily think 10 days is better than 5 days. In most cases, it is, but simply trust your gut (pun intended) and choose which detox feels right for you at this time.

How it works:

  1. All registered participants will receive detox instructions and guidelines.
  2. Select your track from the title menu and use your credit card or PayPal account to register. (Choose local pick-up or shipping to receive your real food detox supplement). 

Please email with any questions or call (425) 646-1101.

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